Armstrong Indoor Park

Hey guys we did volunteer with the seasonal build for Armstrong Skatepark but we Do NOT run the park, and are not involved in staffing or have anything to do with the Skate/BMX schedule.

Had a few messages, I'm not sure why the facility closed early at 730 yesterday sorry to those that came to Skate with Santa, we did not close the park early and were as disappointed as well. (Had planned a skate swag toss at the end of the session) Next time! πŸŽ…βœŒ

Below is the holiday schedule to go Skate/BMX this holidays. Please share with your friends or tag a buddy to go ride. 😊

Please direct allΒ  further inquiries & questions to the Armstrong Parks & Recreational department.

(250) 546-9456Β 

Thanks! Bryce @oksk8co